Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Election misinformation

I find that the amount of misinformation about the proposed charter election in Costa Mess is amazing. The most bizarre claim that is being made is that by having the charter election in June somehow reduces the ability for all voters in the city to participate in the election. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Every registered voter in the city has the same opportunity to vote in June as they do in November. Just because they may be less motivated to go to the polls in June than November is really immaterial.
It is time that the voters in Costa Mess start taking responsibility for the direction of thier city and stop blaming others because they are unwilling to make the tiny effort it takes to vote in an election.


Robin Leffler said...

Hi Bruce! I looked at the comment chain over at Bubbling cauldron too late to comment on your comments. I get your point, and while almost everyone easily iunderstood the intention of MaryAnn's comment, you have a beef with imprecise and tortured use of the English language. Maybe it's time to give June Casagrande a call, sit down with her and a good bottle of wine, and swap horror stories. I'd join you if invited! I would provide plenty of fodder since I struggle still how to frame some thoughts in language which I love and am familiar with.
;-) Robin

Robin Leffler said...

As to your point here, I absolutely agree. There is a higher propensity for a larger turnout in November, but no one is barred from voting in June. I think the main detriment to a really representative turnout for a June election has nothing to do with which party might show up in greater numbers, but with education of the voters. There wasn’t enough time to effectively get the word out that there was a hot local issue and to inform people of the potential consequences of the proposed charter. Even so, I think enough Costa Mesans were waking up, and the turnout might have been quite surprising,

The right to vote is a precious entitlement. An informed electorate is a formidable thing. June and November, voters need to educate themselves on the issues, exercise their right to vote and do it wisely. Anyone who doesn't vote has absolutely no right to whine! Anyone who votes without becoming thoroughly informed about an issue is just dumb!

Bruce Krochman said...

Hi Robin!

Wow, how did you find your way through the cobwebs to this little corner of obscurity?

I wasn't so much picking on MaryAnn as she was not the first to make the comment that having the charter on the June ballot somehow prevented people from voting on it. As I am sure you know, other charter opponents have made similar comments. I have been a bit distracted with real work and had not responded to the claim yet, so she was just there when I was.

My life revolves around the technical aspects of elections and it is difficult to let misinformation regarding the conduct of elections just float around. I will admit that the rules are pretty byzantine in some cases.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by to say hi. I am sure we will bump into each other at some meeting or another.

Robin said...

well, Geoff has this little link on the side of his does kind of echo in here, doesn't it?

I enjoy your posts. You are always actually thinking and it generally (but not always, sigh) raises the comment bar and encourages other posters to step up their game. I'm surprised no one else has wandered over here lately.

Robin said...

People were still posting to that thread over at BC, I reworked my comments, got up on my soapbox a bit, and posted the first two I sent you. You might get another visitor or two over here!