Friday, January 31, 2014

Who Is Making All That Racket and Why??

I would like to report that Silly Season has started early here in Costa Mesa. I would like to, but I can’t because it seems to be never ending now.
Silly Season here is that time during which some in and out of our community take every possible opportunity to accuse, berate and generally harass our local elected officials.
The motivation for such behavior may seem diverse. That is exactly the illusion this pack of wanna-be political assassins would like to fool you with. Don’t be fooled. It is simple paycheck politics being brought to you by unions and associations.
It started when Jim Righeimer first ran for city council here. He made no secret of the fact that he was opposed to the burgeoning costs associated with public employee compensation and pensions. In fact, he has made that a staple of his political career.
Not wanting to deal with someone on the council that would stop playing ball in labor negotiations, the employee organizations pulled out all the stops. Leading the way was our own Costa Mesa Police Officers' Association. From their facebook page, they state very clearly the following: “The Costa Mesa Police Officers' Association is the union body of the sworn men and women of the Costa Mesa Police Department in Southern California”
Many of the noisemakers are not at all shy about professing their preference for wealth redistribution. They couch this sentiment in terms that are intended to make it sound like they are pro-middle class. Promoting higher wages and lifelong pensions and healthcare benefits as something good for our economy. But someone has to pay the bill when the party is over. These higher wages and lifelong benefits come straight out of the pockets of us taxpayers.
Some are even bold enough to state that our very economic model, capitalism, is a failed and corrupt system! They make statements like: “Capitalism has failed the middle class and become an onerous word.” Are we seriously thinking that slipping further toward socialism than we already have is the answer to our problems? Only someone who wants to pick your taxpaying pocket would suggest that!
So when you hear the droning criticisms and faux outrage, remember that the whole point of this great expenditure of energy on their part has one simple conclusion. You, my taxpaying neighbors, will pay more.


Gericault said...

Sleep....sleep......everyone ...go to sleeeep.

You're such a lap dog.

Ken Nyquist said...

Thank you for the straight forward thoughts....Socialism is a dangerous thing in the hands of the police...I studied it deeply in the Army...Thanks again...

Bruce Krochman said...

Ah Greg, tough to face reality? Your faux outrage at everything associated with the council majority is so transparent it is comical.

Tell you what, want to make a wager on the election? I will share my prediction with Geoff and you do the same. Once he has both he will publish them and we see who wins.

Anonymous said...

A link to your blog was posted on Geoff West's facebook page ... this guy commented on your post.

"Larry Platt: Too stupid and childishly written to comment on. I have grandchildren smarter than Kochman, and they eat their own boogers. Next, please.
January 31 at 9:36pm"

Bruce Krochman said...

LOL - Good for Mr. Platt!

The Pot Stirrer said...

See what happens when I take a little, much-needed vacation! Bruce finally begins to use his most excellent blog to generate some light - and probably more than a little heat - on local issues from his perspective. Thank goodness for a blog that is comprehensible (unlike that other old guy) and not full of overt racist rants like that OTHER fella!

Welcome back, amigo.. let the dance begin! ;-)